The ITB Group & JFB Consulting Combine Skills to Form a Partnership in Automotive Consulting

ITB Group and JFB Consulting form a partnership in automotive consulting

The ITB Group – the U.S. specialist in business and technical automotive research and consulting, and JFB Consulting – the French mobility expert, entered into a strategic partnership offering comprehensive high-level expertise for the global automotive industry.

With an annual global production of 100M vehicles, and a turnover of $1.5T for 56M direct and indirect jobs, the future of the sector depends largely on the strategic vision and the technological mastery of women and men who lead it.

Increasingly competitive and regulated, the automotive industry is undergoing profound transformation, where players must meet major strategic, economic, and technological challenges within shortened timeframes.  Facing new environmental regulations and strong expectations for new uses, the industry is making technological and strategic bets on new energy sources, engines, materials, alliance, and services while concurrently seeing its competitive landscape multiply with the entry of new disruptive players and new consortiums from all points of the globe.

More than ever, industry leaders must rely on specialized partners, combining strategic, product and process expertise to accelerate their understanding of new technologies, to integrate the most relevant ecosystems, and build creative and actionable roadmaps. Advanced powertrains, thermal management systems, material reduction, sustainable mobility (electricity, hydrogen, biofuels, etc.), and manufacturing processes are all subjects mastered by multidisciplinary experts at The ITB Group and JFB Consulting.

Its broad and flexible services, international presence, and the recognized expertise of its teams, allow the new partnership formed by The ITB Group and JFB Consulting to meet the needs of global players, including car manufacturers, equipment suppliers, SMEs, startups, investors, and institutions.

ITB Group and JFB Consulting a worldwide specialist in consulting for automotive industry

About the ITB Group

The ITB Group was established in 1992 with a simple premise: to bridge the gap between developing a suitable technology platform and building a successful business. ITB is a highly specialized consulting firm with sub-specializations in acoustics, energy storage systems, exhaust systems, plastic engine parts, interior/exterior systems, and thermal management from a component and modular perspective.

Contact: Dr. Joel Kopinsky, Managing Director and Co-founder
Phone: +1 (248)-380-6310

About JFB Consulting

JFB Consulting is a consortium of independent strategic and operational consultants providing high value-added support to French and European companies in the mobility sector.  Its teams of recognized experts come mainly from the industry, with perfect knowledge of markets, products, processes, methods, transformation and ecosystems.

JFB Consulting offers a full range of services relating to both strategic and operational missions structured around the needs of the main departments of corporations, regardless of their size: Strategy – R&D Innovation – Purchasing – Industrialization & Manufacturing – Marketing & Communications – Business Development – Customer experience – HR – Finance.

Contact: Jean-François BERARD – founding CEO
Phone: +33 (0) 6 07 86 52 11